Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thoedora Release "Lines" Music Video

Photo by Leonard Soosay

Singer-songwriter Theodora releases the music video for her first single, "Lines", today. Directed by Leonard Soosay, the music video was shot at Noah's Ark. The song is available on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and KKBox.

Theodora - "Lines"

ShiGGa Shay Releases New Music Video

Singapore rap wunderkind ShiGGa Shay releases his new single "Wussapa" with his trademark sound which combines Mandarin, English and local dialect Hokkien on 1 July 2015.

You might find the chorus extremely familiar: “Alamak Wussapa Pili Pala Ai Bu Pa”. ShiGGa Shay interpolates legendary Hong Kong boyband 草蜢 Grasshopper’s evergreen hit "爱不怕 Ai Bu Pa" in his latest song.

Written by ShiGGa Shay and Malaysian music producer/ rapper Tactmatic (aka Kuhan Kunasegaran), along with Calvin Choy and Chen Zi Hong, the track is mixed by Singapore upcoming music producer Shorya Sharma.

The song is paired with a wacky video which recalls Singapore during the 80’s. Shot against a green screen (a first for the Singapore rapper), the video is constructed with a 4:3 ratio as a throwback to the days of having CRT TV sets.

The single also launches ShiGGa Shay’s year-long ambassadorship with iconic chocolate bar, Delfi’s Top XL. A month-long contest will see viewers participating for a chance to win an iPad Mini 3 every week, as well as the latest Gold MacBook Pro in a grand draw. Contestants simply have to spot the number of times the Top XL chocolate bar appears in the ‘Wussapa’ video.

Catch ShiGGa Shay on all Top XL standees in participating retailers island-wide. For more info on the Top XL contest, log onto:

ShiGGa Shay - Wussapa (Official Music Video)

Deon Lauching Second Album At The Substation

Deon will launch his second album, "Oceans", on 10 July 2015 at The Substation. The event begins at 7:30pm, with local songbird Theodora opening the night. This is a free-standing event, and free alcohol will be available to audiences (limited quantity, first-come-first-served basis). This event is supported by Klipsch.

The "Oceans" physical CD is printed in a special CD Book format. All pre-ordered items can be picked up at the venue on the event day.

Date: 10th July 2015, Friday
Time: 1930 - 2130
Venue: The Substation
Tickets: $25 for entry/ $45 for Physical CD Book & entry (Original Value $50)/ $60 for Physical CD Book, Lionheart T-Shirt & entry (Original Value $70)
Deon - "Summer" music video

Thursday, June 25, 2015

TypeWriter Releases New Music Video

Photo by Little Ong

TypeWriter has released a music video for their song "Everything Is Classified", which is featured in the double-CD compilation, "State Of Rock", recently released by the S2S label.

The band is performing a 45-minute set at Baybeats Festival tomorrow night at the intimate Mixtape stage at 11pm. The quintet will be collaborating with Esther Lowless for most of the set and are playing three songs 'live' for the first time, including "Everything Is Classified".

Click here for the full Baybeats Festival schedule.

TypeWriter - "Everything Is Classified"

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baybeats 2015 Exclusive Videos

Anna Judge April - "Crimson High"

Baybeats Festival is happening this weekend, starting on Friday 26 June. Check out the line-up and schedule @

There are also exclusive Baybeats videos of four bands that are performing at this year's Festival.

Final-year LASALLE Diploma in Broadcast Media students roll up their sleeves to take on roles as music video producers and directors. Under the mentorship of creative director Josiah Ng, these students work with four Singapore bands in a full-on all-hands-on-deck project, directly dealing with behind-the-scenes and front-of-camera work to create music videos for each of the bands.

Cesspit - "Punkrock Gangster"

Take Two - "Addiction Affliction"

Radiant Archery - "Peregrination"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kelvin Tan Releases Three New Albums

Kelvin Tan has collaborated with drummer Tan Boon Gee for three albums that were released on 11 June 2015.

"Songs For An Unfair World", "Far Into The Grammatologies" and "The Prophet Transcends; An Exploratory Eulogy for MM Lee" are available on bandcamp. The uncompromising musician was recently featured in Timeout magazine.

"Improvising songwriting can be a terrifying experience. Armed with nothing except a guitar, voice, your wits, in a studio ticking the money away, it is to my mind the purest form of writing songs. You are forced to be your pure self musically."

Plate Releases Debut Album

Singapore band Plate released its debut album last Friday. Multi-instrumentalist Zhong Ren Koh, bassist of Basement In My Loft, is the man behind the band.

The album, "Tear Down This Marketplace", is available on bandcamp.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baybeats Festival Schedule

The biggest music festival of its kind in Singapore and the region, Baybeats presents a fist-pumping line-up showcasing prominent Singapore and international acts, covering genres including folk, pop, metal, post-rock, emo, punk, electro and everything in between.

So reach out, touch faith and rock on at Singapore’s very own alternative music festival, proudly presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

The festival is free and open to all.

DAY 1 - Fri 26 June


6.15pm Linying
7.15pm stillsunrise
8.15pm Anise
9.15pm stillsunrise
10.15pm Linying


6.30pm Knightingale
7.30pm Fwends (TH)
8.30pm Take Two
9.30pm Seyra


7.00pm Cadence
8.00pm I, Devotion
9.00pm Matajiwa (ID)
10.15pm The Caulfield Cult


11.00pm TypeWriter

DAY 2 - Sat 27 June


5.00pm Fwends (TH)
6.00pm Caracal
7.00pm Fwends (TH)
8.00pm Riot !n Magenta
9.00pm Caracal
10.00pm Riot !n Magenta


7.00pm arson
8.00pm Radiant Archery
10.00pm Oversleep Excuse (JP)


6.15pm Vessel
7.15pm Young
8.15pm Life and Time (KR)
9.15pm Out for Blood
10.15pm Cesspit


3.30PM Caracal
4.10PM Oversleep Excuse (JP)
4.40PM Anna Judge April x Budding Video Artists


11.00pm SURREAL

DAY 3 - Sun 28 June


5.45pm F ∆ U X E 
6.45pm Intriguant
7.45pm F ∆ U X E
8.45pm Intriguant
9.45pm F ∆ U X E


5.30pm Aquila Vasica
6.30pm Theodora
7.30pm tfvsjs (HK)
8.30pm She’s Only Sixteen (PH)
9.30pm Riot !n Magenta


6.15pm Exhibitors
7.15pm Anna Judge April
8.15pm Maddthelin (MY)
9.15pm Iman's League
10.15pm Caracal


3.30pm Cadence
4.00pm Wake Me Up Music x SURREAL
4.40pm She’s Only Sixteen (PH)
5.10pm Take Two x Vessel


11.00pm The Fire Fight

Friday, June 19, 2015

Jonathan Meur Launching Album At The Substation

French-Mauritian singer-songwriter Jonathan Meur is set to launch his first full-length album "How To Build A Kite" on Saturday 11 July at the Substation. His first major release since the well-received Woodnotes EP, this collection of 10 all-new songs was recorded and mixed by local producer Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios with a line-up of international musicians. It includes duets with Weish ([.gif] and sub:shaman) and Australian singer-songwriter Gabriel Lynch.

Singer-songwriter Tamara Yousry and rock band Shades In Grey will be opening the concert, which will be Meur’s only full-band gig of the year. Musicians for the evening will include special guest Weish.

In the lead-up to the album release, a music video is also in the works for lead single “Toy Hearts”. It is being shot at self-storage company Lock+Store, which will retail the album at all its outlets.

Doors open at 6:30pm. Singer-songwriter Tamara Yousry and rock band Shades In Grey will open the concert at 7pm. Jonathan and the band will be on stage at 7:30pm.

Date: Saturday 11 July 2015
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Substation, Armenian Street
Tickets: $15 for ticket / $35 (includes album) from

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Deon Releases New Single And Music Video Today

Singaporean singer-songwriter Deon releases his new single "Summer", and its accompanying music video today. This release marks the beginning of the iTunes pre-orders for his sophomore album, "Oceans". The full album is due for sale in physical and digital formats on Friday 10 July, accompanied by Deon’s album launch showcase at The Substation.

Deon - "Summer" music video

"Oceans" is filled with songs that mark a specific season of the year, and harkens back to certain memories of love, loss, and growth. Inspired by the theme of circles and cycles, the protagonist of "Oceans" takes shape in the form of a Lion, who gains courage with each turn of the season, and in its finality, a sense of renewal, quiet and calm.

Eschewing the straightforward sounds on debut album "Antiphobic", Deon’s pop-rock sensibilities find new emotional clarity with "Oceans", awash with lush post-rock soundscapes and ambient electronic elements.

Mostly conceived in Reykjavík, Toronto, and Liverpool, the songs recall the skittering folktronica of Ásgeir, while channelling the warm, soulful melodies of his favourite songstresses in Brooke Fraser, and Rachael Yamagata.

Anchored by an earthy earnestness, lead single ‘Summer’ is a balm; a melancholic comedown from a relationship that spun too quickly out of control. The matrimonial marches, ambling beat samples, and torrential guitar sounds form an ode to the unfortunate frailties of beauty and romance. It is as if, by turns pining and screaming into the Northern Lights, one might finally find respite.