Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Many Feelings" at Blu Jaz

"Many Feelings" is a night of unbridled revelry as 3 bands and 1 DJ dish out wholesome fun which is as good as your mother's home-made dumplings!

Catch the exuberant and upbeat indie rock of the all-girl Echo-Oh-Oh-Oh. The septulet group Toys In The Attic melds pop and soul into a musical package made for your listening pleasure. X-KoLard, a tripartite arrangement between DJ Ko Flow, MC Garuda and The Lard Brothers will rock the house with their hip-hop tunes and classic rap covers.

DJ Pixi[e]dub will throw down tasty and nasty tunes on the dancefloor for you to get jiggly with it.

Admission is free!

Event: Many Feelings
Artists: Echo-Oh-Oh-Oh, Toys In The Attic, X-KoLard
Date/Time: Saturday, 3 October 2009, 8pm till midnight
Location: Blu Jaz cafe, 3rd floor
Address: No. 11 Bali Lane

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Peel fresh

See these two Marvel-ous ladies, above?

They are the dynamic duo known as Midnight Marvel.

And they want to celebrate John Peel Day 2009 with you.

Grab your friends for this vital gathering:
When: Thursday, 8 October, 9pm

Where: The Prince of Wales
101 Dunlop Street, Little India

More information, from the event page, on Facebook:
We're proud to mark John Peel Day 2009 with our annual celebration of the late great British DJ, presenter and journalist, who was an influential figure on the world's music scene since the 1960s. In tribute to his championing of new music PoW is proud to feature a crop of Peel-fan-friendly talents from Singapore:

MIDNIGHT MARVEL - say yeah yeah yeah as Lennat & Shirley get rocking with teenage kicks for all ages!

SHELVES - debut show! featuring members of local luminaries SUCHNESS, LIVONIA and LEESON.

We GANG - top blitzkrieg bop from a gang of pals of various sizes, ages and drinking preference.

And if you'd like to do your homework first, that would be cool.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Patrick brings the Noise

Read the news lately?

Noise Singapore is back again, with Patrick Chng as an artiste mentor.

(That's him in the main photo, standing in the middle.)

If you're under 35 years old, you can submit your creative works here.

And here's the official brief, for young musicians:
Noise Singapore is looking for raw, promising musicians, bands and voices to create original music to heat up the airwaves! Choose from pop to hip-hop, rock to country, jazz to heavy metal, classical to techno…or any other music you know of, so record your original tracks now and send them to us!

The most engaging Noise musicians would then:

* Winning the Noise Singapore Prize grant worth S$5,000*
* Record one song in a professional studio
* Perform at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre and Concourse
* Perform at Youth Olympic Games events in August 2010

* Noise Singapore Prize grant will be disbursed after winner submits a proposal for the grant. The proposal should help the artist develop skills and/or exposure, and can include recording an album, participation in international competitions, travelling to overseas festivals, publishing a book etc. The grant quantum is S$5,000.

Submission requirements and rules

* Required file format: Mp3
* File Size: Max. 15MB
* There is no restriction on the number of submissions, so send in as many as you want.

Closing Date 01 November 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Noise Singapore is Back!

Noise Singapore is back and so is The Apprenticeship Program aka TAP. Patrick Chng is one of the mentors in the music category - with Don Richmond, Kevin Mathews, Jon Chan and Jason Tan. Closing date for TAP application is on 27 September 2009. For more information about TAP, please visit:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Aid for a local legend

Today ran this story on 14 September 2009.

Aid for a local legend
Plans are on to raise funds for The Thunderbirds' Derrick Fitzgerald
by Christopher Toh

LOCAL musicians: No matter what you call them, there's one thing that can't be denied - you can always call them for help.

Pauline Chong, who used to front indie pop band Sideshow Judy, is the latest in a line of many to help. In this case, she and singer-songwriter Errik Wong are organising a benefit on Sept 16 to raise funds for one of Singapore's very own music legends: Derrick Fitzgerald, guitarist and leader of iconic '60s pop band, The Thunderbirds.

Best known for their No 1 hit My Lonely Heart, with its distinctive slide guitar sound, The Thunderbirds were, for the better part of two decades, the resident band at the now-defunct Carriage Bar at York Hotel.

However, since 2007, Derrick has suffered several strokes and has lost his ability to play guitar and his livelihood, and has to rely on rehabilitative nursing care these days.

"This idea to do a benefit gig came about because I was searching for a music-related cause to donate proceeds to. Just by chance, I heard about Derrick's plight through the grapevine," said Chong, who is also the director of community service for the Rotary Club of Queenstown.

She added: "I knew of The Thunderbirds but did not know them intimately. Derrick has been a professional musician for over 46 years, never took a day off, and always working hard to entertain his audience at The Carriage Bar. He can't do any of that anymore."

The show will feature Pauline and Errik performing tunes in an "unplugged" session.

Recently, many musicians have spearheaded fund-raisers or agreed to perform non gratis for similar causes. Alemay Fernandez, for example, led the call when the late Michael Stanton needed funds for his cancer treatment. Local indie bands have also performed to raise funds for Mercy Relief, and upcoming charity show Down Memory Lane IV will feature several prominent music legends of Singapore giving their time to raise money for Caritas. Christopher Toh

The benefit for Derrick will be held on Wednesday at Black Coffee at Hitachi Towers, from 7 to 9pm. A fifth of the proceeds from drinks and food sold will be donated, kindly by Black Coffee, to Derrick.